If You Have The Will, We will help you enjoy yourself, and make some money!
Our world needs to be a bit greener….and when people come to your city, our idea is to make the best out of your city and its natural beauty.
Power Pedal Tours is looking for the right individuals that want to have a simple, fun life, showing off their cities beauties and having fun doing it.
It’s that simple.
We started in Vancouver in 2015, after realizing this city is a wonderful place to have a strong tourist business and is the perfect Eco-friendly environment . Not all cities in the world have that special combination. If you are reading this and really know that your city can host such a eco-friendly bicycle tour…..let’s talk!
We will want to see some route ideas of your city, and pictures would be great too. Let’s see if we can “go for a bike ride together” Go Into Business For Yourself… Not By Yourself!
Patrick Stewart.